You just— push harder!

Apr 19th, 2012

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You just— push harder!

Tonight our family went for an evening walk. During the spring when the weather is so nice a walk is a great way to give our munchkins a chance to ride their bikes, scooters, etc into new parts of the neighborhood– and a great preface to bed time. We usually do a one mile loop that takes 30-40 minutes.


It’s quite obvious that walking with four young kids no cardio benefits can possibly be realized. Sometimes walking with the kids is painfully slow. Painfully S L O W. Such was the case tonight, in which we came to complete halts and meltdowns several times.


Our youngest daughter decided that versus ride in the stroller she would push. She’s two, if you have a two year old (or have survived having one) you know that when they decide this is the way it’s going to be, well gosh darn it, that’s the way it’s gonna be!! Two years old are bossy.


As she pushed the stroller we continued our slow progress through our one mile trek. All was moving along reasonably until her older brother decided he wanted to ride in the stroller seat. Not only was it almost impossible to push forward, but because he was way too heavy for the stroller, it became extremely difficult to steer.


Did this deter my determined two year old? Not one bit. Though the stroller was heavy, though she could not see over the handles, though it was next to impossible to steer– she kept trying. She kept pushing. Not just a few feet, but all the way down the block. She bent her little knees, flexed her tiny little arms and determinedly pushed that stroller all by herself.


As I watched the exaggerated effort my sweet girl plowed forth with, all I could think was one fantastically simple thought: When life gets hard, just push harder. When the odds are stacked against you and life’s streets are difficult to maneuver– let your inner resolve fuel you– and just push. You may go slower. It may be frustrating and exhausting…. But if you keep pushing, you will get there!


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