Who knew: Crayons are fun for adults too.

May 22nd, 2014

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Who knew: Crayons are fun for adults too.

Sooooo, I have had many ask about, and say they want to do the crayon art project I did yesterday. (I don’t blame you, it’s awesome!). In fact, it may be one of my most favorite art pieces I have ever made! So– I wanted to equip you with some awesome tricks that you won’t find easily online– and will save you LOTS of time…and since time is our most valuable resource, you can thank me later.

First, if you want to take the wrappers off (some do, some don’t)– the big advantage is, if you do you can use cheap dollar tree crayons… but instead of frustratingly peeling each wrapper off– the trick is to SOAK them in water. Then the wrapper slide right off.

Second, draw your design with pencil on canvas first (sharpie second!).


Third, hot glue the crayons– but before you begin organize them in rainbow color (you don’t want mixes to turn brown, so rainbow is a must!) Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Indigo, Violet.

Fourth, there are three ways you can melt these crayons– but really only one way in my opinion– that you should. Most everyone you see on youtube or pininterest uses the hairdryer. Why? Because you already have one! BUT– remember how I said time is your most valuable resource? It is. And if you are doing this with kids– realllllly consider this. The hairdryer will take an hour or more…it is slow…slooooowwwwwww….takes patience.

So– the fast options are:

Go to Home depot and buy a heat gun ($22)– the crayons will then melt in about 1-2 min…seriously! And waaaaay less messy. Worth the investment.

Use a candle or lighter to melt them…fast…but potentially dangerous. And the kids can’t help. You might end up with a canvas on fire. :)

Or if you must, go low, very slow… and use your free hair dryer and just enjoy the process. Or at least try to.

This project was so much fun we will be doing it for Sakuras birthday art party! Can’t wait. Below are a few of the other coolest ones I found online…we will be making more…and the options are endless as the colors in the box!

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