What to do when you discover you’ve married a GEEK.

May 1st, 2012

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What to do when you discover you’ve married a GEEK.

Hmmm…. I may be in trouble when my dear husband reads this blog. As soon as my Facebook status updates he gets pinged— so as I write I am multitasking by thinking of places to hide after I publish this. In recent years I’ve discovered that my suspicions are true: I might be married to a geek. But this May, my dear husband has moved me beyond any uncertainty with his latest Facebook cover photo.


Apparently May 4th is national geek day. Do you not see such a day on your calendar? It’s not on mine either. (Well it actually probably is now).


May 4th is a Star Wars celebration day.

My dear husband has done many geeky things in the past but they are usually in private. I have witnessed several late night scenes of light saber play with his sons Christmas present (an ultra cool saber). I’ve watched him spend hours turning his pen into a lightsaber for videos. I’ve listened to the ridiculous sound effects coming from YouTube videos of grown men playing Jedi’s. Yodanese is often spoken in our home.


I hate Star Wars. Did I just say that publicly? I’ll be patiently waiting for all the slanderous comments to come in from the geeks who read this.


My husband has cloned himself in raising our son Kaemon. They not only look alike, but Kae is also a lover of all things the Force. In fact, anytime I am gone for dinner he ceases the opportunity to brainwash them further by having a Pizza night with a Star Wars movie for the kids.


So what do you do when you discover you’ve married a geek?


Quite simple: You laugh at him. You love him. Then you smile because you share an amazing marriage and bond. You thank God that all your avoidances and teasing has not changed him or his passions one bit in nearly eight years of marriage. You realize this lovely geek of yours is the genius who helped create the blog you’re typing in. Then you ponder, how can I make May 4th extra geekingly special? Ideas and comments are welcome from any creative geeks out there, and as always– may the force be with you….

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