Waiting for a valid GPS signal…

Apr 16th, 2012

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Waiting for a valid GPS signal…

My GPS and I got into a little fight the other day….

I admittanty have hints of road irritation (rage) when things do not go my way. My annoyance levels fly sky high when technology decides to act up, especially when I am dependant on it. Such was the case with my newer GPS this past weekend.


You see, the thing is– when I turn it on– it’s because I need it. Apparently someone didn’t give TomTom the memo because the dang thing spun and spun and spun– with the irriating message “Waiting for a valid GPS signal.” Being the typical wannabe savvy electronic customer I am I proceeded with the only thing I knew how to do: Turn it off. Turn it back on. Same message. Repeat. Repeat. Agh.

No luck! So… I kept driving. I had a general idea of how to get where I was going, but to be honest I was simply frustrated with the fact that I didn’t have the ease of driving with step by step directions– knowing which turns were immediatly ahead, etc. When I got home I mentioned the problem to my super tech solving husband and he told me that it needed to be updated on the computer. I handed him the GPS and he hooked up the chord and voila… of course, superhandy Curtis came to my rescue (he never fails me!)


I thought about this scenario later that day as it was an interesitng parallel to something I’ve experienced in my life. The past two years we’ve had to make some monsterous decisions as a family on both a business and a personal level. We faced insecurity and anxiety as we discussed what the best options were and how to proceed. These critical moments what we really needed was a clear, precise, turn by turn directions– and instead we often got “Waiting for a valid GPS signal.”


Quite often I find myself praying for direction, praying about what to do, how to do it, etc and seemingly getting this frustrating “disconnect with God.” I go through the motions, power on, power off. Repeat. Pray again. Pray again…. Nothing. Ever had these moments with God? All I want is to see the map ahead. Isn’t it reasonable to want to know which turn I’m supposed to make? Certainly, I’m not supposed to be spending crucial time driving around dead end roads lost?


Maybe the answer to this dilemma is as simple as that of my GPS predicament. Perhaps, I just need to plug in for an “update.” Instead of always turning God on (praying a quick two minute prayer) and expecting answers– maybe I need to really plug in. The fact is, I need to open up the Bible and seek direction and wisdom within those pages. The reality is if I want accurate directions for my life– I must stay constantly updated and consistently plugged in!


  1. carolyn bock April 18, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Amen to your answer to the solution! It’s hard when you’re a busy mom. It takes time, you have to make God your #1 priority!

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