The Undefeated Team

Apr 23rd, 2015

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The Undefeated Team

I’ve always had a really competitive side. I like to win, but even moreso, I hate to lose. Anyone with me? I played sports all the way throughout my childhood and then went on to play basketball on a college scholarship. Surprisingly though, never once was I on an undefeated, state championship, etc, team. I never had a championship ring or held one of those trophies that was taller then my head. I had decent skills, but as a team we were just never that good. So, when I read today’s Psalms in my One Year Bible I got pretty excited with the reminder that I am on the winning team, not just for eternity– but for  this life. 

Our King is undefeated. Nothing can touch us that He doesn’t allow. (I know some of you are in a tough and heartbreaking season and this verse is almost painful. I feel you, really. You may not see the victory now, but my friend, you will eventually.)

It’s cool though to know how every battle we face ends though isn’t it?

I have always loved this passage:

He will cover you with His feathers, He will shelter you with His wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. (Ps 91:4)

If this week you’re feeling weary, or wondering if you might become a casualty of a battle– this passage is for you. If you’re feeling defeated or unprepared, it’s for you. If you’re feeling vulnerable or under attack, highlight it and put it into practice. Start today.

Need armor? Need protection?

Find the promises in God’s word that apply to your situation. Verses on hope, fear, worry, anxiety. Verses for when you feel alone, or tempted, insecure, or unworthy. The Bible is a book full of promises for us, but we must read them, apply them……and believe them.

Hey believer, high five, your team is undefeated…for eternity!

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