The Sale Rack

Sep 8th, 2012

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The Sale Rack

We all have natural talents, interests, and abilities that God has supremely planted within each of us individually. I have always had a passionate interest in understanding and deciphering what motivates us as humans to do the things we do. As a marketing major, the way in which retailers can manipulate individuals into rethinking their basic needs and investing their most valuable resources into trinkets has always fascinated me. It’s absolutely mind boggling the reality of how well commercials, billboards, and window advertisements persuade and entice us deceptively.



This week I had a rare opportunity to go shopping twice in one week. When I say this is rare, I mean that this probably hasn’t happened all year long. Not once. I normally go retail shopping once-twice a month, if that.


So why the sudden spree? Urgent needs? Hardly.


I first went to the department store to check out an end of season sale for kids clothing. With four kids to dress each season I’d literally be in the poor house without strategic shopping months in advance. I scored many fabulous deals for $4.99 each (shhhhhhh don’t tell the hubs!) and was really thrilled about my finds at about 85% off retail when at the checkout the lady handed me a coupon book that started tomorrow. Tricky, tricky, tricky. Now, normally I’d toss the coupon book and avoid temptation– but this was a really good coupon: $10 off the purchase of $25 or more, including all sales and clearance! I got really excited and began to consider if I had time for a second visit tomorrow.


Coincidentally, I had to be on that side of town the next day for an errand which was the perfect excuse to drop back in and pick up a few more steals for $4.99 with my new coupon. When I walked in I was horribly disappointed and slightly irritated that those “great deals” were no longer $4.99. Apparently, “in honor” of the great coupon the department store had bumped up the price on their clearance items to $7.99.


Now, if you’re still following me on this “shopping lesson” you can come to the conclusion that with the coupon the price ended up almost the same as the previous day. I was absolutely annoyed and felt like someone was trying to swindle me– by simply wrapping the sale in a “different package.” I’m a sucker though, so I absolutely became a victim of sneaky sales gimmick. I bought three outfits, paid about $15 (same as I would have paid the day prior) and chuckled at the thought of this skillful marketing ploy.


When I was driving home, I began to think of the parallel of what an exceptional  marketer Satan is. He’s got a bag full of tricks that he consistently uses to target Christians. If we don’t fall for the first “sale” and walk out empty handed, he simply tweaks his tactics to lure us in by making them a bit more enticing. The Bible tells us lying is Satan’s native tongue, (John 8:44), He’s the father of lies.


Lying is what Satan does, and after thousands and thousands of years of doing it– he does it  superbly well. He plants thoughts, temptations, and situations throughout our everyday interactions that are saturated in wicked opportunities to ensnare us.


The only defense against such an enemy is to know the truth and to practice walking in it. Jesus came to set the captives free and declares that He is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). As we spend time with Jesus in prayer, Bible reading and daily communication, we continually grow in truth. As we draw near to Jesus, His absolute truth fuels the growth of our faith. Our faith is a shield that cannot be penetrated even by the craftiest lies. (Ephesians 6:16).


I’m ready to stop being a victim of clever sales technique by the father of lies, and instead make continuous efforts to embrace truth. How about you?


  1. Eileen September 8, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    I know what you mean about temptations. I like to read romance and even wrote one myself. The first draft, years ago when I was a pagan, had detailed scenes between the male and female in the bedroom. When I became reformed, I asked myself “What was I thinking?!” and “How could I let my own sisters read this!” I immediately asked them for forgiveness and told them to wash their eyes out from reading such smut.

    I know better now about the “closed bedroom” policy. I don’t have to go into detail and let Satan use my words to illicit certain images in my head and those of the readers. I will not let my mind be swayed again…clean romance for me!

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