The Prayer Jesus Loves to Answer

Mar 5th, 2013

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The Prayer Jesus Loves to Answer


Have you had ever had a time where you feel absolutely overwhelmed by the impossibility of your circumstances? I’ve been there. Absolutely frustrated, feeling powerless, destitute, and forsaken in dealing with the cruelty and unfairness of life.


As Believers we often engage in blind faith and look for the fingerprints of God in our daily lives. We believe the Sunday school stories; floods, deliverance from armies, famines then provision, protection, divine healing, and the dead rising again. We know God is all powerful (we even use crazy big words to describe such infinite power, like omnipotent). Thousands of pages capture the transcripts of His miracles from generation to generation. Yet, sometimes, we are uncertain of how this All powerful God relates to our ultra complicated messy lives.


In the book of Mark (Ch 9:14-27) there is a story about a father who brought his demon possessed boy to Jesus for healing that is tremendously encouraging for the doubter in me. The father describes his sons tragic and hopeless condition, and his disappointment in the disciples who had previously attempted to cast out the demon with no success. The man watches his son go into yet another convulsion before the feet of Jesus, thrashing, foaming at the mouth, completely out of control and cries out, “Have mercy on us and help us! Do something… IF you can.”


Every time I read this story I mentally condemn this father, wondering how he could so honestly speak his doubt of the ability of Jesus while at the same time begging for His help. Insulting to say the least! But, isn’t that what we often do when we pray? Instead of asking for God to meet our needs with confidence and believing in faith that He will, we pray as if we are throwing pennies into a wishing well!


The response of Jesus is absolutely profound, and it is something we would do well to remember and consider as we approach the Lord in prayer. He says, “What do you mean IF I can? Anything is possible if a person believes.” Jesus clearly understands the doubt in the heart of this desperate father. Jesus’ response indicates that He isn’t limited in ability or power to heal, rather, the issue is the lack of faith with the request.


The desperate father instantly replies with an honest confession of both his tiny faith and his genuine plea for more,

“I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!


I believe this is one of God’s favorite prayers to answer. Jesus doesn’t expect our faith to be perfect, He only expects us to cry out in dependence of Him! We don’t have to have it all together or be continuously spiritually mature, we only have to appeal to the power of Christ to enlarge our faith! Jesus loves to multiply the faith of the faithless if only given the invitation. But, that invitation depends on us being honest about our lack of faith first. It is amazingly comforting to know that God will meet me where I am, even if, at the moment, my circumstances cause me to doubt His ability.


Friends, we serve a big God, even when our faith is small. Our lack of belief can never dumb down God’s ability or power, but, it can hinder it’s manifestation in our lives. There is a prayer Jesus loves to answer, and that is the prayer for more faith. If today you are wondering if God cares, if He is able, or if He is willing to intercede and intervene in your life circumstances– the answer is yes, yes, yes and YES. Truthfully, this type of faith in God’s ability is the by product that only a genuine encounter with God can produce. Cry out earnestly and ask Him to help you overcome your doubts– He will be faithful to answer.


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