Seat-Belts and Sovereignty

May 3rd, 2012

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Seat-Belts and Sovereignty

I’m home from an unusual and overwhelming afternoon and desperately trying to unwind from the varying thoughts running through my head. I was in a wreck today that could have ended very badly. Literally if the timing had been a second off or two the “could have beens” are frightening. The odds from the scenario couldn’t be less in my favor– yet, it is very obvious that God had a hedge of protection over me! 


While driving down N Parkway this afternoon all of a sudden in the corner of my eyes I saw a blue sedan pull out of the Gander Mtn parking lot. I was cruising along about 55mph on a rainy slick road so an immediate stop wasn’t an option. My first thought was utter disbelief– I thought is this driver drunk? Do they not see me? The vehicle was literally 10-15ft in front of me so I slammed the horn, leaned back to brace for impact, yanked my steering wheel to the side to see if I could swerve out of the way, and said a quick

“Help me Jesus!”


I was driving my husbands massive Dodge 2500 diesel truck (which I never drive but am very thankful it’s what I was in today!) so I barely felt the collision. As soon as my car stopped sliding I checked on baby Ronin who was in the backseat and praised God that to my shock he was still asleep! (That one’s going in the baby books– the day he slept through a wreck!).


After gaining my composure I grabbed my baby carrier and walked down the busy street in the rain to check on the other vehicle. A good Samaritan had already stopped and was calling the police and helping to calm her down/make sure she was okay. As I approached I was horrified to see an older white haired lady in the drivers seat…my heart dropped as I expected possible injury. Surprisingly, her airbags hadn’t deployed despite her bumper and front end of the car being destroyed. I asked her gently, “Are you okay?” Trembling and with tears falling down her cheek she said she was fine. Simultaneously I assured her me and baby boy were unharmed and we both shared a deep sigh of relief. I didn’t know what else to say so simply said, “Praise God for His protection. I thought I was going to hit you head on T-bone style…thank you Jesus.” She closed her eyes briefly, I presume to utter her own quick prayer to God.


As we got all of the insurance business handled and waited to be towed, I thought about a little belief I’ve held for a few years about seat-belts and a conversation I recently had with some friends. Admittedly I can be opinionated, strong willed and stubborn…and my views on safety, or lack thereof are clear evidence of this. I regularly don’t wear seat-belts (please if you’re an officer reading this– don’t ticket me!) partly out of rebellion, partly because I’m reckless, and partly because I believe in the ultimate sovereignty of God!


I firmly believe that God is ultimately in control over all of our lives and that whatever He wills to happen– will happen. Seatbelt or not! Some experiences in my life have been so influential that out of necessity I have firmly grasped His sovereignty even over things that I don’t really understand, agree with, and frankly– dislike. Sometimes I wonder if when I get to Heaven I’ll have the opportunity to ask the hard questions– but the bold truth is I think heaven will be so amazing that all the earth’s heartaches, questions, doubts, and frustrations won’t even matter.

So, back to seat-belts. The slow motion effect of today’s wreck was pretty traumatizing. Those few seconds seem to take forever where it’s almost like you watch from an eagles eye view as your car uncontrollably heads for impact. You breathe out a quick helpless prayer and then in an instant booooooooooom. After the fact, today I thanked God I was wearing a seatbelt. Thought at times I feel invincible– I realize my life could be gone in a millisecond. The events of today have altered my thinking a bit.

Though I cannot control the uncertainty of the roads…. I can be proactive in guarding my safety! Though I still undoubtedly believe God is ultimately sovereign and in complete control, the reality is He expects me to be a good steward of my life in the days He has given me on earth. The second reality is, my four kids really need a mommy– even one as imperfect as I am! So friends, next time you pass me– look for my seatbelt and I think you’ll be pleased to see, it’s buckled!


  1. Devan May 4, 2012 at 8:15 am

    How scary! I’m so glad everyone was alright and yes! Keep buckling that seat belt!

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