Oh baby! The gene called: Motherhood.

May 1st, 2012

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Oh baby! The gene called: Motherhood.

I am blessed to have two sweet girls who want to be just like their mommy. They love to imitate me! Like most young girls, each of them have gone through a stage where they delight in playing with baby dolls. Right now my two and a half year old is going through that nurturing pretend mommy stage likely because she watches me care for her younger 4 month old brother. She enjoys pushing her baby in her stroller, covering it with blankets and even pretend nursing.


Many times when I watch her care for her baby I can’t help but think to myself, IF YOU KNEW how time consuming, difficult, and sometimes frustrating caring for an infant (or toddler for that matter) was you’d find a different toy to play with.  If you understood the reality of being a mommy, it would really take the fun out of “playing house.”


Sometimes my heart seems to beg her instead to:


Run wild! Let your hair blow in the wind.


Fall on the grass and giggle.


Swing high!


Smell the flowers.


Dig in the dirt and look for bugs.



Yet, with all these endless options of fun to be had, even at two she feels a responsibility for this helpless babydoll of hers. She loves it fiercely and cares for it with as much tender care as a two year old can exhibit.

This afternoon watching her stroll with her baby I stood in awe as I watched the natural inclination of such a young toddler girl to be a caretaker. Isn’t it beautiful that God instills these traits in young children so that throughout the years they are fully prepared for adulthood and motherhood? We are shaped, molded, and perfected for years through the simplicity of such play so that we are prepared for the arduous but fulfilling task of being a mommy.


Children require tremendous amounts of work, aggravation, and financial investment. But, they bring such sheer and simple joy. If you watch observantly, your children will teach you far more then any text book could.


Mine have shown me that the pursuit of money is fruitless. They have demonstrated that there is far more value and possibility in fifteen minutes of undivided attention then one could ever imagine. Time is a parents greatest asset and must be guarded, juggled and managed carefully. Faith in God is not nearly as complex or complicated as most adults portray it. The joy of helping others supersedes the pleasure of selfish pursuits. You can laugh at nearly everything and laughter is far more contagious then yawning!




  1. carolyn May 1, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    So true!

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