I’m OKAY with being Radically Wrecked.

Aug 12th, 2012

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I’m OKAY with being Radically Wrecked.


Sometimes I think God requires brutal honesty and candid transparency of His people. When people have the courage to be real, others can joyfully watch God’s power and transformation as He orchestrates it. This blog post is in simple obedience to what I feel God has been churning inside my heart as He continues to work on me (oh, and can I just say— I’ve got a long way to go!)


A recurring theme in the church I attend has been a call of urgency for Christians to get off the sidelines and get involved in going, serving, and living the Gospel. Being that I am a busy parent of four little ones, an entrepreneur, and I’ll admit a bit self absorbed in my own little world it’s easy for me to hear such messages and contemplate what the “bare minimum” is that would be pleasing to God. In other words, how much serving God do I need to fit in my schedule and finances to be obedient? I’ve always felt that answer is a bit relative to the individual– you know, certainly God understands my circumstances. 


In recent months, God has literally been chipping away at this theory of mine. Not in so much an overwhelming sense, but quite consistently the message that has resonated is: “I don’t simply want your money, time, or any other resources you have. I want your heart. All of it. I want to consume you. I want to be your priority. I want you to put me in the rightful place as: Lord over ALL of you.


There have been times I’ve tried to hush that persistent voice. Other times, I’ve tried to run from it…. but I know God is pursuing me to surrender fully! You see, there is a problem, a monstrous problem if the only difference between me and unbelievers is that I attend church, put money in the offering, and try to be morally responsible. Tragically, many Christians live their entire lives in this complacency without really even understanding that they are missing out on something. 

The truth is one cannot impact the world until God makes them radically different. God has been convicting me that in the past the only obvious evidences of God in my life are found within the parameters of church. As the blinders continue to come off, I have become aware that my sole purpose is to bring glory to God, and sadly, I’ve wasted many years not getting the point.


I’ve had this book on my bookshelf for a few months that my mom gave me that I have intentionally been avoiding (Radical: by David Platt) My reasoning: It’s about missions and giving your life to God with reckless abandon. I actually didn’t want to read it.  Honestly, I’ve been one of those Christians that really doesn’t have a huge heart towards missions and would rather be wrapped up in my little bubble in the United States. I try to do the minimal giving to the poor, especially on the holidays when I realize how fortunate I am in light of the poverty even surrounding us in the U.S. You know Toys for Tots, serve for Thanksgiving meals, etc, etc. But when you talk about poverty around the world, starving children, human trafficking, people living without clean water, preventable diseases, etc– I have found it is easier to look the other direction. You know, pretend they don’t exist and stay unattached emotionally to limit my responsibility and obligations for such occurrences globally.

Well, after my husband came home last Sunday asking me if I’d consider a missions trip he is taking in November, I decided I’d read the book. I haven’t been able to put it down! I actually took it to one of my races this weekend to read while waiting on my award post race, and a girl in her twenties approached me and said, “That book…..will wreck you…” She then proceeded to tell me a beautiful story about how after she read it two years ago God gave her a heart for people internationally, she took a few short term trips, and is now moving next month to Ecuador for two years!

As I sat there after she left, I smiled. You know, honestly, if I’m going to be wrecked, I’d rather be wrecked for Jesus more then anything this world can offer me! And, the truth is, this world, this American culture is wrecking all of us. We easily become consumed with possessions, our own family, dreams and desires, chasing money and consequently waste our precious years of life on earth selfishly. Our culture distracts us all from our God given purpose on a daily basis. So as I sat there I said, “Okay God…go ahead and wreck me. Seriously, wreck me for You!”


This book has been an amazing no-nonsense, no excuses slap to the face for me (only half done as I write this) I have never felt so convicted from anything I’ve read besides the Bible itself. Now, let me mention, that I don’t necessarily agree with some of the extreme examples in the book, but I can tell you, I wholeheartedly see where much of my attitude has been so incredibly wrong.  God has just literally broke my heart over it the past few days! My eyes have been opened wide to what a fool I’ve been! Seriously….. Real seriously.


Now, I still don’t know if I’ll be going on that missions trip or not…only God knows. There are many practical reservations I have about timing, especially with our kids, businesses, and the concerns of both parents being gone at the same time. However, I can say, my “yes” is genuinely on the table for a short term trip though and soon. If not this upcoming one, hopefully I’ll have the opportunity within the next 12 months. I know God is doing some phenomenal in my heart and I am willing to be: Radically wrecked.


  1. Cindy August 12, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Loved reading your Blog. Thank you for sharing! My pastor preached last week on how people in South Korea are sending missionaries to the US to help witness to the U.S.. I am always amazed at those who are called to other countries for mission work…I admire them. But, for me, God has called me to mission work right here where I live (starting with my 3 kids and then extending to the love I show to others at the grocery store, in my work, at my church…etc). So many people in the US don’t know Him, don’t live for Him, and are lonely, lost, and in need (and, sadly main of these are church goers). With your passion for Jesus, your marketing skills, well, maybe you are in the mission field in business. I know I am!!

    • admin August 12, 2012 at 10:08 pm

      Cindy! You are SO RIGHT where our mission field of most importance for us is right here! I am 99.9% sure God isn’t calling me to missions..(I HATE spiders ad LOVE FOOD lol) But..I do think a missions trip will help me embrace loving the poor, realizing how blessed I am, break my desire to chase the American Dream, etc. But moreso, I am fully aware my mission field is here as “busy momma” on the ball fields, schools, real estate, and in playgroups….and I LOVE that! I just think a short trip is in the works for me….:) I love your heart and so wish you were still in Bama and we would could have coffee!

  2. carolyn August 20, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    I’m glad the book is making an impact, it definitely impacted me also. I’m not sure when I’ll go on a mission trip but it is now something that I now want to do. Until that time comes, I believe we can share in God’s mission field purposes by praying for those already serving and for those who are being called to go. Matthew 9:37-38. I just got my copy of Operation World which I have been procrastinating on ordering. It gives you a country to pray for each day and info on prayer needs, answered prayers and logistical info on each country. You can also get a lot of this online, but I have found the book to be extremely informative and motivational. I’m sending a copy of it to you.

  3. dori August 20, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    i just bought this book and its sitting by my bed to read. :) hmmmmm. as always i love your insight; LOVE watching God shape you, mold you and recreate you. Ive often thought of humanity being like an onion….as we surrender ourselves to god, he begins to peel back the layers to reveal little by little who he intended us to be. I am so enjoying watching the layers come off of you!!

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