I’m Not Hungry Anymore– Hunger Games thoughts.

May 22nd, 2012

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I’m Not Hungry Anymore– Hunger Games thoughts.

Well, after many long hours with my nose in the first fiction series I’ve read in months I honestly can say– I kind of want my money (and my time!) back. After hearing much praise for the Hunger Games I knew I had to pick up the series and give it a read. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and was captivated by the plot, writing style, and suspense.


I finished the second book fairly quickly and ambitiously moved right along to the third book. (Be forewarned– this may be partially a spoiler if you are reading or don’t want to know, you may want to stop reading this post.) I can honestly say, one of my sole motivations for actually finishing the third book was my curiosity. The previous two books were quite a time investment and reading the books so closely together I became easily entanglened and invested in the characters.


I can’t pin what exactly was such an immediate huge turnoff in the final book– but as I read I became greatly annoyed with the characters, particurlely Katniss. She’s extremely selfish, shows little regard for others, and to be frank her love triangle between Gale and Peeta became frustrating to continue to follow in the third book.


The violence and blood shed in Mockingjay was absolutely disgusting. I guess as a precursor to that statement I should admit that I am revolted with horror movies. Literally though, the last 150 pages were basically an explicit picture of what one might imagine modern war to look like. Blood spurting. Ghastly flesh burns from fire and unknown chemical. Traps, torture, and unimaginable emotional and physical pain intricately displayed on each page. It was just too much for me!


Typically when I read fiction I try to picture and visualize the portrait the author paints with their words. While reading Mockingjay I found myself skimming the pages to hurry to the end. The reading felt like a laborious chore instead of a pleasurable time for me to get lost in a story.


….Not my kind of book. In fact, the war scenes in the last few chapters actually made me lose my appetite. I usually eat chocolate while reading at night in bed, when finishing this book I didn’t want to eat anything…I just wanted to….finish it. 

Curious as to what others thought of the final book/series?


  1. Curtis May 23, 2012 at 8:15 am

    Seems like she may of just wanted to finish writing the book. A third book is sometimes too much for writers to continue on a story with enough interest, just like trilogy movies.

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