Hey Hey, Chick-Fil-A!

Jul 30th, 2012

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Hey Hey, Chick-Fil-A!

These thoughts may not win me friends, but truly, being popular is overrated. Being honest and comfortable in your convictions and beliefs– priceless!


The anger at the recent news about Chik-Fil-A is understandable and not surprising for society as a whole.  For those who have wondered if we can still correctly assume the U.S. is a Christian nation– I think the abrasive reaction from our nation that resulted from a business standing up and supporting clearly Biblical beliefs loudly proclaims NO, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Many Christians fearfully avoid absolute truths and convictions because it is unpopular or they fear they’ll be viewed as judgemental or worse– hateful.


The watered down indecisive opinions of those that claim Jesus as Lord is disturbing to me.


Though some would debate this, I believe it’s pretty clear Biblically that God views homosexuality as sin. No shades of grey exist on this one. If you open the Bible and read it– it’s black and white. Is the sin unforgivable? Absolutely not. Worse then any other sinful lifestyles? No way. Should we judge, hate, or treat homosexuals as inferior human beings? No, No and NO.


However, if we claim to be Christians we have the responsibility to embrace absolute truth and cling to Biblical principles. For me– as a believer, it simply boils down to this: God instituted marriage.  Thus, my definition of marriage will always need to be in tune with God’s definition of marriage.


Man + woman.


These beliefs offend some. Guess what? That’s okay. Get acquainted with much of the Bible and you’ll quickly see the trend that most who follow God offend society around them. Old testament kings who tore down false Gods, high places, and pagan worship– offensive. Numerous OT prophets who warned Israel to come back to God to a crowd who wanted none of it– offensive. Disciples ridiculed, imprisoned, stoned, and beheaded— offensive, offensive and offensive. Jesus— Well, He even offended the religious people.

Believing that marriage should exist solely between man and wife doesn’t make me close minded or ignorant. It simply means that regardless of how loud society around me screams insults, puts words into my mouth or makes false assumptions– I won’t soften the truth or bend my beliefs to meet what is believed to be acceptable.


Apparently, neither will Chik-Fil-A. And to that I proudly and loudly say….Eat Mor Chikin!

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