Just Do IT.

Jan 22nd, 2012

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Just Do IT.

I guess first— a mild disclaimer, I’m one of those “weird gals.” Some women prefer to call the passion I have for my hobby actually annoying or even unfair. But, the fact is– I actually love running. To be honest, it’s one of the things I crave and desire most out of my day. While some people have to “force themselves to go” I’m usually jumping at the bit anxiously waiting for the brief thirty minutes in my day where I can run away from life. Now don’t get me wrong– I’m not running away from my sweet kids or loving husband (although there are times I certainly want to!), nor am I running from the problems that consume my little world. No, running just happens to be the only time during the day where I can be alone to think deeply, clear my head, and randomly talk to myself.

Today during this afternoons chilly run I did quite a bit of pep talking to myself. Since I just had a baby a few weeks ago I’ve been running rather slow and easy as I wait for my body to adjust to being physically active again. I’ve been letting the joints, muscles and tight lungs determine my pace and distance. But today, for some reason or another I decided to let my mental gust call the shots.

I happen to be one of the trendy runners that prefers colorful and overpriced Nike running gear over other brands. Possibly because the Nike slogan has always fit my perspective on athletics, sometimes you have to move beyond the “I think I can, I think I can” attitude and well, JUST DO IT. That’s what I decided to do today, my mind said let’s run faster…and reluctantly my tired legs obeyed. Literally, I repeated the mantra over and over again in my head as my feet pounded the pavement “If you want to run fast, it’s time to Just Do It.” As I surged ahead with increased speed I felt my body begging me to slow down. I hushed the temptation by shouting my mantra louder and louder!

When I got home after my fastest postpartum run yet– I felt amazingly fantastic! My legs were half frostbitten, shaking and jelly-like, but my spirit felt unstoppable! It’s an impressive feat when the mental will inside your head meets and connects physically with your body. Surprisingly even after the extreme physical exertion, within a few short minutes of recovery I felt like I had established a “new norm” of what I’m capable of.

Post-run today, I began contemplating this attitude. Why can’t I tackle life’s challenges without over-thinking, procrastinating and being overly conservative? When a challenge or big decision awaits me I usually try to think objectively and conservatively through every option and then delay the moment of truth when I must face it. But in life, sometimes you have to JUST DO IT.

Sometimes all that thinking, reflecting, researching and seeking advice can lead to costly mistakes. I believe following your gut can lead to healthy decisions but in my life I have a Higher Power that I seek out beyond my own “gut feeling”. When facing difficult decisions I pray about it and ask/hope for clear, clean-cut direction. I’d much prefer an audible voice shouting from the heavens that says “Go for it!” Unfortunately, I’ve never physically heard that voice. So instead– I search for that inner peace that can only come from God to reside in my spirit. The peace that supersedes all the negativity, lack of faith, and unfound worries. To me, that peace is the equivalent of the phrase JUST DO IT when running.

As my husband and I step into some huge business decisions that will greatly affect our finances and dictate our future endeavors I’ve learned to stop hoping for the echoing Voice from the heavens and instead seek out the quiet peace of God. I want to live my life as one that knows and accepts that sometimes success comes with discomfort. In fact, at times success is downright painful! The things that are the most worthwhile are often those that stretch us out of our comfort zones the most. Sometimes life requires a push to the limits of “what you think you can” to reach the new normal that is destined for your life. Sometimes life requires you to JUST DO IT.

And honestly, that is how this blog started. I’ve been tinkering around with the idea for a while now since I write frequently just to express my own thoughts. So many of the valuable lessons God teaches me through raising our kids and carrying on in this wickedly wild adventure called life I rarely share and often forget. I’ve felt God calling me for some time to be transparent in sharing what I am learning– so today I decided to JUST DO IT.


  1. Cindy January 23, 2012 at 2:24 pm

    I often find that God pushes me outside my comfort zone to show me what He can do. It is clear that it is Him and not me.

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