Grace to Persevere

Jan 15th, 2014

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Grace to Persevere

Hey friends, today I wrote a blog for the print magazine I write for– Shattered. ( During my morning quiet time God so worked this message through my heart that I just had to share it! I pray it blesses someone today who needs an encouraging word as they wait on God.

Find it here:


If it blesses you today, share it, like it on FB and feel free to comment!


Also– if you are looking for some encouragement dropped into your mail box a couple times a year– let me shared “Shattered” with you. Shattered is a gorgeous print magazine with real stories, from “real ppl” whom God is redeeming, working on, and teaching through the struggles and difficulties of life. it will bless your socks off and be a year round blessing to you. Check out the subscription page, here:¬†

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