God’s not mad at you!

Apr 23rd, 2012

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God’s not mad at you!

We had an interesting scenario play out in my house this afternoon as I watched my sweet two year old embrace her ever growing mischievous/naughty side. She told me to “Go upstairs, go bye bye.” Since Katana is usually my cuddle bug and loves to follow me around I knew there had to be more to this sudden announcement. She was sitting alone at the table in a big girl chair with nothing hazardous in her hands so I quickly surveyed the area around her. Within a few seconds I discovered why she must have wanted me to go away. In front of her was a large glass cup full of sweet tea.

I backed up and headed out of the room as she continued with her chorus “Bye mama, bye bye.” I slipped around the corner and then watched quietly. As I disappeared, she leaned forward and reached for the glass in front of her, carefully picking it up with excitement in her eyes. She glanced up before putting the glass to her lips and drinking the tea. Midway through her sugary indulgent I came in the room and calmly said, “Katana… what are you doing?”

She put the glass abruptly on the table and then instantly took both of her hands and carefully covered her face (as seen in the picture– I just happened to have my phone camera out to catch the naughtiness transpire).  She continued to hide herself for over a minute– with a few peeks through her hands to see if I was still there. Toddlers seem to be convinced that if they can’t see you– you can’t see them.

I wonder if this is how I react to God in my life at times. There are areas of my life that God is working on, chiseling away all these stubborn patterns (sometimes painfully) and at times I find myself telling God to go bye bye, or go away so that I can indulge instead.   When I fall and fail, even though God is remarkably gentle in His conviction- I find that I hide in my shame! I cover my face!


Rather then welcomingly come into the open arms of God forgiveness– I fear discipline, wrath, or disappointment. The beauty of God’s correction/instruction in believers lives is that He is the perfect Father. God won’t irritably cast me away! God isn’t surprised with my struggles or repeated patterns of sin. He’s patient, gentle and loving. He expects us to fail and has thus lavished us with unending portions of grace and mercy.


I smiled at my sweet hiding two year old and then lovingly picked her up. While patting her on the back gently I explained again why she’s not allowed to drink from glass cups (“because they can break and hurt you”). She rested her sweet head on my shoulder.


Sometimes we all need to be reminded: God’s not mad at you. Even as you fail with the best of intentions and efforts– He knows, He hears, He sees.  His forgiveness, mercy and grace flow forth from His character in abundance. God wants to hold you. Trust in the sufficiency of the cross and rest your head on His shoulder sweet sweet child of the King!


1 John 1:9 But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.




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