Oct 30th, 2012

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The more accounts I read about the disciple Peter, the more I like him. He’s resilient, loud, ambitious, impulsive and confident. He was madly in love with Jesus, yet, struggled with great character flaws. He experienced outrageous victories and accomplishments with Jesus ( the miracle of walking on water), yet, also, epic failures (denying Jesus three times)!


This morning, I was reading the familiar story of where Jesus warns Peter that he is going to deny knowing Him. Of course, Peter, knowing how genuinely committed he believes he is to Jesus thinks such a thing is unthinkable. No way he could fall! Not a chance! In fact Peter led by his audacious spirit and uncensored mouth actually says,


“Lord I am ready to go to prison with you and to death.”

You’ve got to imagine the shell shock experienced when Jesus told Peter he would deny him, not just once, but actually three times! Peter was probably flabbergasted and experienced utter disbelief!


In verse Luke 22:31-32 Jesus says, “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. 32 But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”


As I read this today, what spoke to me was the meaningful truth that Jesus knows that even the most devout and passionate followers will have temptations, weaknesses, and grand failures– yet, He also knows the end result. Once we have accepted Christ into our hearts, we are securely held by the strong hands of the Almighty, and as Romans reminds us– nothing, nothing, nothing can separate us! (Romans 8:38-39). As verse 32 reminds us, Jesus is our advocate before the throne of God (He actually prays and intercedes for us) so that “your faith may not fail.”  How true this was for Peter! Consider the bold faith and reckless abandon Peter lived out His Christianity with, even to the point of dying a martyr’s death for the gospel!


It is imperative that believers grasp the security of the covenant relationship we have with Jesus! Jesus tells Peter, “And when you have turned back…” Please, friends, catch this: The word isn’t IF, the word is WHEN. Jesus, as an all-knowing Savior, is aware of your failures, shortcomings and disappointments before they ever happened.  Even the unthinkable ones. Even those mistakes or regrets that you never thought could or would happen. Jesus Knows. 

The magnificent truth to this message is, Jesus is hanging on to you, advocating for you before the Father, and loving you immeasurably– failures and all. And– the second phenomenal truth is here: God has a plan for your failures, life-lessons, and turn around moments to be used to help fellow believers. To strengthen them in their faith. Perhaps even identify with their struggle.


You may sometimes feel as though you have failed God. Repeated the same offense. Fallen prey to the same destructive patterns. Maybe even committed an unthinkable sin in a moment of weakness. Please know, your Maker knows you! The good. Bad. Ugly. If you’re a Christian, He’s got you securely, and if you let Him, He won’t let any of the experiences that have been a part of your life go to waste.


  1. Karen Larrabee October 31, 2012 at 6:24 am

    Love this! Love that Jesus knows the outcome through the trial, and that we never come out of the tunnel of trials the same way we go in. He knows the trials will strengthen us. Must be because Jesus is praying for us….just as He told Peter He would do for him. Amazing!

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