Get outta the boat!

Oct 21st, 2012

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Get outta the boat!

A few weeks ago I blogged about the familiar story of Jesus walking on water. As the passage pierced my heart I challenged myself (and passed the challenge to you) to allow the nearness of God to be enough for the storms life that we each currently face, as well as the storms to be faced in the future. If you didn’t catch that post, it’s here:


This morning in church, that same story was preached with an emphasis on the account in Matthew (chat 14) where Peter jumped out of the boat and walked on the water. Now, I am not one to publicly make a scene, run to the alter, or raise my hands in church– but several times this morning, several times, I had an overwhelming urge to jump from my pew fanatically and declare,

“I want to walk on water too!!!!”


As Pastor Steve preached this morning, I thought about what Peter must have felt as he walked on the water– the excitement. Shock. Awe. The wonder of the miracle he was not only witnessing, but actively participating in.  It had to be an almost unbearable adrenaline rush!


Pastor Steve asked us to consider the 11 other disciples in the boat, whom, for whatever reason stayed glued to their seats. The scriptures never specify what the chatter was like in the boat, perhaps they were jealous, maybe they were critical, maybe fearful, or maybe just complacent enough to stay seated and watch curiously. No one knows. What we do know, is no one besides Peter asked for Jesus to call them upon the water (vs28). With hope and expectation Peter boldly petitioned Jesus, “Tell me to come to you on the water.”

What is really astonishing to me, maybe even more-so then Peter’s audacious faith, is that the other disciples remained in the boat as spectators, even when they saw a miracle transpire immediately in front of their eyes. I thought to myself, how could they just sit there? How could they just remain seated, staring at an astounding miracle taking place several feet in front of them, and not be moved and motivated to action?  How could they see Peter step out so courageously and not feel inclined towards the same invitation?

The hunger for more….


Was the hunger there– but immediately silenced with their own reasonings of how illogical the situation appeared? Did their lack of faith stifle their ability to experience and be all that God called them to be?


As I imagined myself in this incredible scene, I didn’t immediately see myself as Peter, but rather, as one of the other disciples in the boat! This morning, my heart raced as I felt the gravity-like pull of the Holy Spirit tenderly on my soul. Although I know my faith is still at times immature and underdeveloped, the desire I have to be actively engaged and partaking in the miracle of God at work loudly declares– “Me too– let me come too Jesus?!”


You see, though far from perfect, one thing I can say with certainty is I want more of God. I want more then Sunday mornings rituals, more then creative activities and social gatherings. More then another busy activity to fill the week and more then a “feel good” message to inspire me. I want to see God move in magnificent power in my immediate vicinity…. and I want to join in. In fact, it baffles me that the other disciples response didn’t reflect this.


I want my life to be usable by Him, and like Peter, I want the power of Jesus to be manifested in me in such a way that others are astounded! The beautiful thing about God’s divine power is that His ability, paired with our incapability, is an equation that accomplishes feats of epic proportions!

 Friends, it’s time to get out of the boat!


When we choose to stay seated we not only miss out on the majestic miracle He has planned, but, we also miss the unique blessing that is only received when our lives are intertwined with God’s call. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the boat. It doesn’t matter what excuses have kept you cemented to the seat. Walking on the water is an adventure God has for each and every believer that is willing to step out and say, “Jesus, tell me to come…”



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