Don’t forget to color with the white crayon!

Jun 5th, 2012

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Don’t forget to color with the white crayon!

Rainy days means creative play in our house! This morning the kids and I decided to make cards for some friends. I enjoyed being a kid again by coloring, drawing, and teaching them some new “artist” skills. Don’t laugh at that last statement– Sakura matter of factly states, “you’re the best drawer I know mommy” and honestly I delight in the fact that the kids are young and naive enough to think I’m talented.

As we colored, Katana (the cute 2.5yr old) decided she wanted to use the white crayon. I pointed out clearly to her that you can’t see what she is drawing because the white color is invisible. She didn’t seem to mind and continued to color with it in her notepad. It brought back very distinct memories of coloring as a child and my avoidance of the “white crayon.” With an entire box of 24, it was the only crayon that actually stayed in my box sharpened and untouched. 


I remember in elementary school I had a friend who loved white crayons. She used to tell us that she was drawing magic pictures that only she could see (well duh!), and that these invisible pictures were much prettier then the rest of the classes (how would anyone know?). Without a doubt we labeled her as weird and more importantly annoying.

This morning as K colored I thought about how in life we often have the opportunity to color with white crayons. We often sidestep these opportunities for hopes of using the more vibrant colors to create our “pictures.” You know, we want to show off, make a drawing that people will “ooh and aah” at. However, I think we miss something essential when we avoid the white crayon….


Coloring with white crayons is investing quietly in the lives of others, doing good deeds silently, random acts of kindness, being faithful in your small part in caring for our enviroment, etc. You can’t always see the strokes of such efforts or the brilliance of the picture being created. But coloring with white crayons is an important part of balance for our lives, and is a helpful tool in developing good artist skills.

Sometimes it is wise to practice our drawing with white crayons before attempting to mark up the paper with the red ones. The drawings of life done in white crayons may not stand out as notable or win a prize for best picture, but they are important. As the bible says in Luke 16:10, “He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much…” So friends, don’t forget to color with the white crayons too!


  1. Paula June 5, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Yes, the white crayons are very much under appreciated. But they do go perfectly with black construction paper – we always have plenty of that.

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