Disney, Bring The Rain!

Jul 2nd, 2012

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Disney, Bring The Rain!

Weather is one thing neither you or I can change.


When the storm approaches no amount of hoping, thinking positive thoughts, or wishing can hault the downpour.


As we entered Orlando for a week to spend at Disney we were vaguely aware of tropical storm Debbie approaching shore. The forecast for the week showed rain, rain, rain and more rain. The excitement over a fun vacation began to diminish.


My initial thought was: Seriously?! What a bummer! 


But, because we only had one week and lots of fun to be had– we were left with two choices:


  1. Retreat, stay inside, alter our plans and wait out the storm.
  2. Be as prepared as possible and tolerate the weather


We purchased some super cute Mickey Mouse ponchos, dressed in wick-away athletic clothes, wore our flip-flops and headed out. Little did I know that within a few hours my attitude would change from tolerating the rain…..to embracing it.

Sure, we were wet. Actually, we were soaked! But, being we were in Florida at the end of June….the miracle is….we weren’t hot. We were expecting unbearable heat, scorching sun, and tortureous humdity– we got none of the above! The theme parks should have been packed, but because of the rain they were uncrowded and empty. Think 4,000 people in ALL of Animal Kingdom. Not a single wait! Front row seating for shows! It was incredible!

I learned a little lesson that I sincerely hope will stick.


You can’t control the weather…but you can control your reaction to it. Don’t just tolerate  storms, embrace them! Look for blessings through the downpours of life.


The rain was so great, I hoped it would continue. I actually prayed for another rainy day (and got several of them!). I danced in the rain! I even ate ice cream in the rain!


Next time I’m at Disney I will gladly say, bring the rain!


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