Adding my piece to THE puzzle.

Apr 5th, 2012

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Adding my piece to THE puzzle.


A prayer about my life, it’s purpose and my desire.




Like most humans, I’ve spent most of my days and time here on this earth walking around without intent. I’ve never understood my purpose although I’ve spent countless hours contemplating it, months seeking it, and years longing for it. Your sense of humor is humbling at times God for I now realize it’s quite simple: My purpose is to glorify You.


My life has been far from easy. Circumstances have derailed me! Obstacles have paralyzed me! Sin has crippled me!


But Father, it isn’t about me is it? It’s never been.


In the grand scheme of things my heart is like a tiny piece of the masterful puzzle You are creating. Rather then surrender that piece into Your arms though– I’ve found myself walking around hoarding it for myself. I’ve taken my piece and at times dropped it on the ground to be stepped on and ignored. Other times I’ve taken that piece and tried to fit it into puzzles it doesn’t belong in. Still other times I’ve hid the piece, waiting for a more opportune time to offer it.


The truth is, no piece is identical to mine. Although minimal in size, it is unique. But only in Your hands does the piece have any significance. If it wasn’t for the rest of the puzzle and and the One orchestrating the fit of each piece–  then my piece is worthless. God, it is You who gives each piece meaning!


Father, You have authored millions of stories– but no one has my story. You have been miraculous in my life!  When most doctors would have given up and amputated, You–The Great Physican were faithful to cleanse, strip, stitch and heal even the deepest and ugliest wounds.


When I was faithless, God you have been faithful! When I was an orphan, You were a faithful Father! When I couldn’t see any steps in front of me, You were a lamp into my path! You have met every need, spoken and unspoken. You have done more then redeem what was stolen, you have blessed me with an abundance of underserved joy.


Father, You are patient. You will not rip the piece from my hands. You won’t steal it when I blink. You won’t coherce or trick me into surrendering it. You just keep taking the pieces that faithful followers continue to give You and continuously assemble Your Masterpiece. You continue to wait, but You never stop working! The puzzle must be completed regardless of the choices I make personally.


Father, help me to give You my piece. I certainly don’t deserve to be used in something so grand. It is grace Father, wondrous grace that You would even look at my piece– much less desire to use it! I know my life finally fits when it is in Your hands. I realize fitting into Your grand puzzle may not always be desirable, comfortable or even make sense. But I know it is the only place where my life has meaning.


Father God, I want to give you glory. Here is my piece. Please add it to your puzzle! May it reflect Your beauty, grace and goodness.

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