The ultimate multi-tasker!

Mar 29th, 2012

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The ultimate multi-tasker!


Everyone knows that moms often multitask and through experience are forced to do it semi-successfully. Even with this acquired skill set the reality is we only physically have two hands regardless of how many things our will or brain can process at the same time.This week during spring break one of my most frequently used statements to the kids was, “Mommy only has two hands. I have to take care of —- first.”

I repeated this again and again because the kids would collectively ask me at the same time to help them with swimsuits, life jackets, swimming lessons, for a drink, etc, etc. In the life of a mommy there is always an order or precedence that must be maintained. I must first feed the newborn, or first change the two years old diepe. Then comes less immediate needs like drinks, snacks, or kissing and cleaning of scraped knees. The urgency of the need determines my response time and at times even my will to listen.


As I contemplated this thought during a quiet moment, I began to think of how thankful I am that God is the ultimate multi-tasker. He isn’t limited by two hands! He isn’t limited by the number of prayers He can hear or attend to at the same time. Isn’t that thought sometimes amazingly mind boggling?


The bible instructs us to pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17.


The fact that God can hear millions of prayers at the same time and listen to each one empathelically and intently to each one individually is mind numbing. The fact that He wants to communicate with us, longs for us to share our lives, concerns, worries and needs with Him– big and small– is even more shocking. Philippians 4:6 reminds us in EVERYTHING we can present our requests to God.


Today as I thought about these truths my heart took great relief in the fact that I do not have to fall in an order of precedence with my Heavenly Father. He hears me! I don’t have to have the bloodied knees– or be the neediest. (though at some times I feel like both). But in amazing moments and tragic ones, in tiny details and life altering ones, my Father is lovingly listening and graciously meeting my needs.


Sometimes I humanize God too much and consequently reject genuine intimacy because I believe the myth that my life isn’t important, or that God isn’t interested or can’t attend to the need. None of these thoughts are true! He is the perfect Father, and as such genuinely delights and desires authentic conversation with me and you (prayer). This simple truth is one aspect of Christianity I will always marvel at.

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